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Originally Posted by Polyfimff1204 View Post
S wants to be accepted. The other night B and i went to a 50th anniversary for his parents. S would have liked to go and felt some rejection when she wasnt invited. B and I talked to her and explained that this particular outing would not be a good time to reintroduce her to the family. She wants to be a full participant in our lives. This is one of the adjustments with a triad also. Sometimes we find ourselves with invitations for only two of us. It can be hard for S when it's something only for myself and B. so far when it's something for me and S, B has been fine.
Honestly, I know she will be uncomfortable when the time comes. If it were me, I would rather not be exposed to people who aren't interested in getting to know me, but she feels differently. She takes it personally, I wish she wouldn't.
Maybe inviting mil to our house would be a better idea, then S could retreat if she felt she needed to.

I think thats a better idea. I do commend S though. Thats much more then I could do. I was quiet content for the longest time not getting along with my MIL cause I thought she was just as irritating as she thought I was destructive to her already bad relationship with her son. XD But now she seems all fine and dandy and I am with her too. Her son and her get along way better now too. X3
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