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It may help to keep in mind, though, that there's a chance (however small) that these women are aware of poly and are checking to see if your husband is or would be open to it as well.
Yeah that's pretty much on how I go on about dealing with it so far. X3 I'm not super jealous or anything and it passes quickly. Before hand I just didn't like feeling it, haha. I didn't get it. At this point just knowing why it bothers me is enough help to get me over it quickly. It doesn't feel like jealousy now, just feeling disrespected. However, I told my husband that I'd feel best that if a woman does hit on him and he's interested, to just go ahead and see where it takes him after a conversation or two. If she seems seriously interested, that one of the first things to bring up is that I actually know everything and that we're in an open relationship. From that point I'd like the option to become her friend, if she feels comfortable with it.

I mean my limit is, I'd like to AT LEAST be on speaking terms with any serious interests... and now I'm delving into something that may need a different thread. lol.
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