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...and now my sister, who knows about my partner and has met him (and has always been generally accepting, if a bit puzzled by the whole thing) has decided to shame me about my relationship. She blew up at me when I told her I might be bringing my partner with me to our parents' house for Thanksgiving; she kept telling me it would be "awkward" (for her, as I later ascertained) and complaining about it and him. My parents don't know, but I wouldn't be averse to telling them, though I don't think it would be necessary either. We almost always have friends join us at our family Thanksgiving, including my ex-brother-in-law's best friend, who my sister has been sleeping with for over a year, on and off (ah, the irony.)

Now I just wonder if I should say fuck it and tell them; it might be better than waiting for my sister to out me in a moment of spite.

My partner would like to go, and I'd like to have him there, but if my sister is behaving this way it just sort of doesn't seem like a good idea.

My dad isn't really speaking to me either right now, and I really don't even want to go anymore, but that would probably cause even more issues in the future. I wish I could just stay home and have a quiet dinner with my partner. I miss my husband and so does our little one, I have cramps, I'm stressed about a bunch of things.

Edited to add: And I just noticed that someone rated this thread at one star, denoting "terrible." Nice. I didn't even know that was possible.
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