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I'm not trying to push you or anything but I don't understand the need to stay with someone who is clearly not a fit.
Less than 100% clear.
She apparently skimmed an email and freaked...A.D.D
We both have it, hers is worse.
She's feeling VERY unsettled right now, very afraid of being abandoned, and I'm thinking that she sees polyamory as some sort of indication I'm unserious.

I would be the first poly person she has been with...also the first time she's been with someone who was not abusive.

So the questions are: can I achieve her feeling safe, secure, and special while remaining true to myself?
If we do break up, CAN I leave her feeling better about herself than when we started?

Those I can't answer right at this moment.
I think...I will give it 6 months and see where we are then.

I don't really care so much if she dumps me, I always get hurt, so I'm used to that.
What I do want to avoid is guilt.
I feel so guilty for leaving my emotionally abusive and pretty-much asexual wife.

Yeah, I know, right?

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