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Yes, but in dating him will being with you rain down all kinds of grief from his faith community, family and friends since his faith teaches monogamy? Will he be ostracized? If he doesn't think of it himself if he ponders dating you, you may have to ask it of him to be clear.

And NOW there's a language hurdle too. That's another major hurdle to overcome.

Isn't there anyone around that is easier to date that is more compatible? So you can find out what you have in common without so many layers of penetration to have to wade through?

It's not a bad thing to be in a mixed relationship but it isn't as easy stacking up 3 major challenges on there like mono-poly, faith, and language!

Just because you feel an attraction doesn't mean you have to do anything about it. That's why it is DATING. You try to up the odds of success.

If you are determined, just tell him. What language is it? Spanish? Since you note it is south texas?


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