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Originally Posted by snowbunnie View Post
I have tried to let him know that I am poly without making myself out to be a whore/easy/slut, and I don't think it has worked. I want to let him know that I have permission to date him, and that we can go out and meet up without my bf there, but I don't know how.
Why do you think letting him know you're poly didn't work? Did he not know what poly is? Did he not understand that you were saying you are poly? It seems if you told him you're poly and he knows what that is, then he knows you are free to date him. Is it possible because his faith teaches monogamy (which most world faiths do) that he gets that you're free to date but does not want to date a girl with a boyfriend, regardless? Or are you pretty sure he just didn't understand what you were saying?
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