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Default How do i...

So I am in a relationship with Ben(bf of three years) and we are good together, we've been living together for a while, even moved half way across the country together. But needless to say we are together. We have talked about opening our relationship to swing, and I was uncomfortable about it, so we didn't.

Something changed a few weeks ago. I met another man that I was attracted to. He is attracted to me. He is monogamous, of a different faith(which promotes monogamy), and he knows that I have a bf. I have tried to let him know that I am poly without making myself out to be a whore/easy/slut, and I don't think it has worked. I want to let him know that I have permission to date him, and that we can go out and meet up without my bf there, but I don't know how.

X_X What do I do? How do I let him know that it's okay for him to date me?

I have talked with Ben more, and we've come to an agreement that we can go do our own thing outside of our relationship, he wants to swing and have fwb while I simply seek to have another bf or possible husband in the future.
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