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If I'm reading her correctly, it's not that straightforward, gg...

She says "do you still like x?"
He says "yes, I still like x."
She says "great, let's do x."

Then they do x, but he puts in the bare effort required to check x off the to-do list, with no enthusiasm.

Then he goes and does x enthusiastically with someone else.

So it's not a question of age, enthusiasm for x in general, or ability. It's that he says he wants to do it with her, but then does it half-assed.

I suspect this will not be solved without counseling, both as a couple to deal with their communication, and him solo to deal with his self-esteem issues.

I can relate. There are things my husband used to do for me (like cooking pancakes) and I said something critical one time about the way he did it, and now he refuses to ever do it again because he's convinced I think he can never do it right. It's completely related to his self-esteem issues and communication problems we had early in our relationship.
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