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Originally Posted by Ravyn View Post
As you have pointed out yes i can not control her. I believe she should give me the respect earned over our 7 years together. I understand she is experiencing sub frenzy like some newswingers do that is driving her into this lifestyle hot and heavy. I just don't know if i can deal with her lack of respect, double standards, the lies, and from her doing this behind my back.

I'm easy going and all for fun in bed but I've never cheated, and anytime she has said no i dropped it. It's a horrible place she has put me in where there are only two choices i see and i don't care for either. I'm not a cuckhold and i don't want a divorce so i guess I'm screwed because those are the only options I've been given. Either way i guess it's time to take our profile down lol
I'm sorry you are in this position. It's such a devastating one. Your wife should have respected you and your marriage. Unfortunately, she seems to be in a place where she can only think of what her needs are at this point. You should do the same. Think of you, your needs, and what's best for your physical and emotional health. Best of luck to you.

...btw, thanks for the reminder about sls...mine has been up untouched for a year!! I should get around to that at some point
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