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Exclamation Changelog

December 25th 2009

- Seperate 'Features' forum has been centralised into the User Guidelines forum
- Renamed 'User Guidelines' to 'User Guidelines and Forum Features'
- Renamed 'General Living' forum back to 'Fireplace' (sounds a lot more attractive and cosy to me)
- Renamed description for 'Fireplace' forum
- Added new forum called 'Golden Nuggets' - moderators are recommended to add links inhere to great posts that are wortwhile for everyone to read
- Changed back the user titles to what it was before (Although funny, I think it was a bit out of context, and for some a bit disrepectful)
- Reenabled easy indexing for search engines - I think it's important that we are visible and attract users.
- Reenabled unregistered viewers being able to read all the forums. Users can register very easily, it only gives a perceived level of extra privacy to not allow unregistered
users to read certain parts of the forum. Plus, it will also have people that might not be interested register on the site just to lurk. Right now people WANT to register, there
is no reason for them to do so unless they want to post/support us.

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