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Thank you so much. Yeah, I mean I think in general that would've have been the better choice (to wait and think about it). I think part of the reason I said yes was that I knew she had nowhere to go already and I guess I feel strongly that you shouldn't be alone on a holiday like Thanksgiving (and it seems like the moral high ground to suck it up for a night so that someone doesn't have to suffer). :/

I think at this point it would be a real problem to say no to her since she's already emailed me expressing her heartfelt gratitude and much how she's looking forward to coming, but I hope talking to him about it beforehand, at least expressing this it's difficult at times since this is new to me, will help somewhat. He's generally a sensitive guy.

to the second quote/comment:
It's not that I really feel jealousy, it's more that I find grey-area-ness very uncomfortable and this feels like an unanswered question (how are we all supposed to be behave around each other). Thinking more about it, I think the other thing is that it made me feel upset that he clearly has no problem acting like a 'boyfriend' when he's around my friends (who met him when I did), whereas his behavior last night may well indicate that he feels less comfortable doing that around his friends. (I'm under the impressions they all know he's poly, however obviously our relationship is new and I dont really know he views it in the progressive sense--i.e. I know he considers us to be 'dating,' and we've done stuff like cook together, see a concert, etc, but he also has expressed how he rarely is romantically attracted to people and romantic attraction for him involves feeling a specific type of pull and obligation to the person etc, which I think he used to describe me a few times but perhaps I'm misinterpreting? Erg. Point being that I think it's one of those tensions between the fact that even though I don't want to stay with him forever etc, I consider him an intimate, and I guess I sometimes worry maybe he doesn't consider me one? )

I'm sorry for rambling. I realize there are a lot of helpful threads on here already, but a lot of them are very marriage-oriented and I feel like it's a bit different when you're still in college perhaps (at least as regards seriousness etc).
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