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Speaking entirely on behalf of the child you want to have in the future -

... if you want the child to have the best possible chance of developing high self esteem and being happy with her life (if you have the child)

... if anyone who would be father, mentor, or would be close to the child in any way whatsoever is not sure if he wants the child, or has told you he does not want the child

Then you have two options:

1) Don't have the child.

2) End your relationship with the partner who does not want the child. Wait at least a year after the moment in time all contact with him is ended, then get pregnant with the man who clearly wants the child.

It is very difficult for a child who knows he is not wanted to develop high self esteem. Do not let anyone who is not passionately interested in raising a child anywhere near the child. Clear the deck of anyone who will bring a negative environment to that child beforehand.
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