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Originally Posted by lolalondon View Post
Thanks, I agree completely but the issue isn't frequency - I'm happy with the frequency and would even be happy with less if it continued to involve the things we both used to enjoy rather than an ever-decreasing repertoire (currently it's vaginal sex in 2 positions, oral and manual stimulation, always in bed, always before sleep or when waking up, he never really comes and it's about playing with my until I orgasm than we stop). Gosh, just reading this... I would probably respond "he's just not that into you any more" to myself but there are many ways I know he is, I think

Edit: for the record I'm 33 and he's 42 and we currently see each other about 4 nights a week. And this isn't about his age, he's very fit and obviously manages to have the more epic sex sessions quite happily with his other partner.
Its a question of the biology involved. If you're boning too much, a guy's junk doesn't work as well. Especially if the guy involved is in his 40's.

I doubt its "he's not that into you anymore" but like I said, the biochemistry that causes that kind of spark fades over time. It doesn't mean he doesn't care.
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