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Default At wits end

Ok so here's the story. Me and my wife started swinging about 5 years ago. Everything went smoothly. So we expanded to having an open marriage. This is where the ugly beast jealousy reared it's head anytime I actually played with another girl. It was alright if she had a gang bang on her but I play with one girl and their was an argument.

I then proposed we end the open marriage part and go back to swinging, which I thought we did. Then earlier this week I find out my wife has been on finding Doms to hook up with. This wouldn't be that bad if a) I knew and b) she refuses completely to let me dom her ever. Anyway I find out because she wants to drive 8 hours away to meet her new dom she's known a couple of days.

Needless to say the crap hit the fan. I expressed how much this hurt me, how it destroyed our trust, and asked her not to continue. I got the big eff you. She informed me that I have no right to keep her from this, and that she will do this because she "needs" it in her life. I threatened leaving if she went to see this dom. She's moving out right now and on her way to meet him when she's done moving out. She says she needs room to explore this need deep inside her, but says she can't explore it with me because she has to have separated mentally.

So basically I've been told this week she's been sneaking around to have her ass spanked, that she's going to continue doing so, I have zero say in what she can do, and that I'm now separated from my wife so she can be with her dom.
Talk about NO respect

What should I do?
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