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Default I believe the biggest issue is not necessarily my privacy

So long as the person going through my e-mails or listening to my phones messages is a person that I trust to tell me they do it, and I trust them, the only concern is respect for other peoples privacy.

If I am corresponding with a person whom I divulge details of my life that I consider private, I would be upset if the person did not tell me (without my having to ask!)

"just so you know, both my boyfriends has access to me e-mail because we hide nothing from each other, I don't think they read every message I send or receive, but just so you know before you decide to to divulge details such as you did in such and such e-mail"

in which case I would want to know if they are the type of person that shares my views on the definition of ethics.

having no secrets with those you are intimate with I completely understand as I believe you cannot be "close" to another person whom you have to keep secrets from. As that is the only way that I believe THE most intimacy can exist between people (is to share all of their life with those they are close to) But my ethics are such that I would need to inform a person that was sharing private details that I share my password with other people. I might not be able to tell them who, in which case I would just say "I am pretty sure my so and so still occasionally reads my mail, just a heads up, while I trust them and know it would never be spoken about even anonymously, I wouldn't feel right telling you of that fact after the info you wrote me with in your last e-mail."

A pet peeve of mine is when members of a person's "chosen" family reply to me without identifying themselves as not the person whom I began corresponding with at this e-mail address. As an FYI, I consider it false impersonation to reply without a name or signature, as I give people the benefit of the doubt that they are honest, so I do not appreciate it when words read with a different voice when I am expecting so and so, it pisses me off when such and such person replies without writing, "by the way, this is such and such, not so and so."

another thing that I consider inconsiderate is posting on the web with grossly inaccurate time stamps. It doesn't bother me unless the info is presented in deceptive or manipulative ways. I love people who have a healthy sense of humor, but when you never inform the other party that the tone was joking as apposed to serious in nature, that's not humor, that is being a manipulative, controlling asshole whom I have little to no respect for.

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