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Default I am a very private person

and not too many things bother me more than others sharing about my private life with others. But in the situation of shared lovers I don't consider it a problem unless of course the other lover fails to keep that private information to their self. I strongly believe in full disclosure, without details, mostly because I have only met a few people that know what they're talking about when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. If a girl friend of mine had vaginal sex with a condom, but let him penetrate her ass without one that is definitely something I want disclosed as keeping such info from another sexual partner is flat out irresponsible.

And only because there are some people who are ignorant enough or do not fully comprehend the concept of honesty, might get confused and after intercourse with a man that involved wearing a condom for vaginal penetration but no condom for anal and describe such an interaction as "safe sex" I need to know where the penetration was if any and whether or not there was a latex barrier at all times. I don't care if their partner was the worst or best lover they had ever had, but to me their is a difference between intercourse where a condom is worn at all times and sex where insertion and the first thrusts (ie: the latter should be stated as sex with a condom, however the sex didn't start with one )

I realize that everybody tells white lies or stretches the truth here and there, but when it comes to sex and people and care about everything regarding risks of contracting a disease is black and white for me. Full disclosure and definitions of exactly what constitutes safe sex is doctrine to me. People who do not share my views I have no time for in my life.

I know it sounds stupid, but I have been dumbfounded by people's idea of full disclosure and I as a result of having too large discrepancies in too many important words (such as "safe sex") I am no longer friends with those people, but I do not talk smack about them

I am very private but very understanding of the fact that people have some pretty freaky kinks, to the point where I don't mind sharing details about my life when I know that said details are not going to go any further nor will they be mentioned even anonymously because you'd be surprised how identifiable details are even when anonymous. They are esp identifiable to parties who participated, which evidently is a hard concept to understand for some third parties who were not present.

I realize that some people may not share my views and I have absolutely no rightful place in telling anybody what they can or can't do. I also realize I cannot hold other people responsible for my views on what constitutes sexual health and I cannot hold people responsible when they are not completely honest, esp when I am not the one engaging in sex acts but rather our link is just a person in common. However I do expect my partners to be not be naive and I do not take kindly to people who put me at risk. I have absolutely no respect for anyone that knowingly puts others at risk and does not disclose that they did so. Again I would never talk smack about such a person but actions like those are sure fire ways to immediately lose my respect.

Trust with me is huge, but at the same time so is being respectful of privacy. My views in regards to distinguishing right from wrong in matters of trust and privacy are for the most part set in stone. They are part of my core values and don't really offer any situational leeway or gray areas which for me means most if not all matters are either black or white.

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