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Hey guys it's been a minute . Phew!!! just wanted to let you guys know, the relationship is over. My wife had been having problems in our relationship for about a year before i left in august. she just didn't talk to me like a normal human would.

your advice has helped me out in so many ways. and i'd like to thank you one and all for creating a safe place for people to share their ideas and feelings. so thank you

this relationship has made me see things in a new light. i don't want love to be a thick cable holding me down. i want it to be a tether to the things we hold dear. and the interweavings of our networks to be creative masterpieces.

i don't want to hold anyone back from what their heart tells them and i don't want to be held back either. i want someplace where i'm welcome and they're welcome and there is no need for control games and secrecy acts. this relationship has put me off of the "normal" relationships.

time to think outside the box
hope to hear from you soon
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