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Originally Posted by PiperDown View Post
My hubby has shaved before, and I don't care about the look either way, but it does seem to be more pokey as it grows back. Sometimes he chooses to give his penis a mustache, which sounds really weird, but it's actually really good looking. In general he just tries to keep the underside and main bush part trimmed down.

As for me, I've been through all sorts of phases! I am surprised however with how long this thread is, that no one has mentioned coochy after shave protection mist. It's exactly what it sounds like. Since finding that, I don't get razor burn, but it doesn't stop the itch as it grows back, and no matter how much willpower I have, I always end up scratching in my sleep and wake up to painful bumps. So I try to keep everything trimmed into a nice little triangle so there's less discomfort. I've been toying with the idea of saving up for the laser hair removal though. Does anyone know what sort of cost is involved with that?
About the cost of laser, you should call around. Some go as high as $200.00 and as little as what I pay, $69.00 per session. They recommend at least 6 sessions, 5 to 6 weeks apart. I was a little leary of the $69.00 one because it was so cheap. I am totally happy with their work. If you live in the LA area its right next door. The name of the place is Prolase, in Glendale. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes. I did my second session today (Saturday the 17th, 2012). In the 5 - 6 weeks some hair grows in. Its just new follicles that grow out and when you go back they kill the new ones. O yeah! Look at the Groupon deals. For example, theres 2 in there that are offering 6 sessions for $99.00 for a small area and medium area $139.00. Brazillians are considered medium areas. Do it!
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