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Originally Posted by BrassValkyrie View Post
As a writer, my room is my work space
I'm a writer, and I need my own room. (Ideally, my own whole house, but that's not realistic). But. I need my own room, and often my own bed when I have insomnia while turning over a story idea in my mind.

If I had a live-in partner, I would have my own bedroom. Period.

Actually, one of the main reasons I'm NOT seeking a life partner is that I can't imagine sharing a bedroom full-time, ever. Most people think that's weird, so I feel like I approach dating from a very different perspective than most people.

I love sex, I love cuddling, and I love crawling into a nice empty bed when I'm done with both of those things.

For me, one of the nicest benefits of polyamory is that someone I'm dating can share a bed with someone else if he can't stand the idea of sleeping alone!

Some people (extroverts, people who aren't writers, people who have no sleeping issues) cannot fathom that I really do need so much space to myself. It's VERY hard to explain this to them.
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