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Default Good to Hear when things begin to improve

Because not everybody finds the right "flavor" or the right people that are compatible for relationships in anything other than traditional ways.

As far as unprotected oral sex, I would be more concerned about contracting herpes than I would HPV. But it's not the worrying that is the important part. Being sexually active with more than one person brings a heightened responsibility. It is crucial that full disclosure is always practiced which is why many people refrain from having sex with someone they do not know or do not trust. Because it only takes a little bit of dishonesty and suddenly you may be at risk or in the worst case at the mercy of the sexual habits of a person you do not know.

Its exactly why people take full disclosure so seriously. The last thing anyone needs is nervously awaiting the results of lab tests thrown into the mix (there is a night and day difference between awaiting tests that are part of your family's routine and awaiting the results because you found out you have been put at risk due to another person being irresponsible with your life in addition to their own) It's good to hear that you and your boyfriend take your health seriously. It's hard enough learning all the responsibilities that come hand in hand with a lifestyle that allows you so much Freedom in regards to Love. But Loving irresponsibly is a recipe disaster.
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