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Default A Few Questions

a little background first: im new to poly ive been mono up untill about 6 months ago, ive acculy known her longer we went to the same bar on swingers night, i wasent a swinger eather i just had friends who were, but now 6 months ago i became the third part of a triad now my lover and her husband have been swingers for a few years, so my first question i guess would be is it possable to be in a long term poly relationship if i myself am mono

my next question i guess would have to be where my place is being the third and how much i can and cant request of my partner? IE: Asking her to not Sleep with someone who i would rather not have her sleeping with.

Third question need some more background, where all liveing togeather 3 in a bed (it works) she likes haveing us togeather, im very hetro and so is he so theres no issues there and i dont have a problem after the other but there will be times when he's is the mood and i wont be thats not an issue there but one of his biggest turnons is seeing someone with her, so my question is would it be selfish of me to ask that sometimes it be just me and her? sense hell never not be in the mood if i am?

i know some of thease questions i should ask them and i plan on it but i guess im just trying to see what other people think befor i approch them i have a hard time asking questions when hes around because i dont want to look stupid or like im trying to overstep my place in the relationship and have him kick me out sense he is her husband.
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