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Here's the sheet from CDC

His comfort level is at a different place than yours -- but good that you both agree to go with the "strictest level" so BOTH can feel safe then.

I am glad you guys found a method of conflict resolution that works for both of you so you can navigate it out to the end and arrive at satisfactory conclusion.

It doesn't have to mean all out war. "Conflict" is opportunity for growth and reaching better understanding of one another.

This time you came to compromise. Sometimes the outcome might be "on this one we just have to agree to disagree." But you both now know YOUR PROCESS METHOD and that it can WORK. So that makes the next hooha less scary to deal with because hey! We did it before! We have a process method! We can use the process to help us get through it again!

And in going through this process together you Shared Vulnerable, Shared an Experience, and created emotional and mental intimacy with each other in the mind bucket and in the heart bucket.

Yay! Result? Souls get to shine some in the soul bucket. ("Intimacy with partner" isn't always via sex in the Body bucket. ) I am happy for you that you are feeling happy about it all.

So shine on!


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