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so i gave her some space and then recently reached out to her again in the form of an email, expressing my well wishing toward her, and my hopes for up to be friends. That was a few weeks ago and i'm yet to recieve any kind of response. asked to have a chat with her and my SO in a few days to talk about things. I am hopeful this will sort some things out. I was told yesterday however, that she has recently said she is not happy about him 'sleeping with other women' so i am beginning to wonder if this is her viewpoint, if there will ever be any peace between us, let alone love or friendship. And if this is the case how this will effect my relating with IamWhoiam. Does any one here have any experience with being in a poly relationship where they didn't have peace with their SO's primary partner. And how did they work this? Did they just avoid going over to their house when the partner was there- can it work? I really need some practical advice here. And hoping for some positive stories of making the best of a sticky situation.. I currently feel unwelcome in their home, and have been told not to show affection toward IamWhoam in front of her as it upsets her. Is this a really warped dynamic? Do ppl think there is hope to turn the situation around? Thanks for your input guys. Much appreciated and apologies for the lack of formatting, i'm writing from my mobile and have no 'enter' button! *pd*
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