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Default Helping family with adjustment time...

So, as I have said in a previous post, my husband, our partner and myself have been living together for almost 1 year. My family has been very supportive even though they may not understand or approve of our non-traditional lifestyle. They have included S in all family gatherings and are working hard to get to know her. My husbands family has pretty much ignored us...and our children since we came out to them. B's dad has actually come over and brought treats for the kids and had a coffee with all of us on sundays like he used to, so he's putting his best foot forward. His mother, on the other hand, has avoided all contact with us. Before S was in our lives we would often be invited to dinner, picnics, or gatherings for bdays. After S, nothing. Recently, I met up with MIL when she needed a small surgery (I work in the Operating Room). I went to meet with her prior to surgery and we talked a bit. We both cried and she said she 'didn't want to lose her family over this'. Since then B has spoken to his mom who said that she doesn't like what we are doing but she doesn't want ruin her family over it. I spoke to MIL last night and she said she would like to have me and B and the kids over for a Thanksgiving dinner (after thanksgiving). She excluded S and I didn't say anything at the time, but I really don't want her excluded. S is part of our family, we are her family. Her entire family lives in another country...I can't exclude her. Any suggestions on how to help MIL and others to adjust to this? DH's brother doesn't discuss it much other than saying having S in our lives will only serve to 'dismantle' our marriage, lol. Our marriage is carved in stone...only very certain people could even come close to understanding that.
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