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Hi galagirl,

WANT: I would like you to know my willingness to fluid bond with A is at this point at this time.

NEED: I do not NEED to be fluid bonded to A. I am willing to be, and would like to be, and just want you to know where you come down on things so I can have your information. My need is FEEDBACK.

LIMIT: I acknowledge previous trust problem. On my end I feel healed from it.

LIMIT: I am on BCP, so I feel that addresses the pregnancy potential. If that should fail for some reason and I end up pregnant we all agree it would be handled by __________. (You don't have to share the trio decision. Just make sure the trio does talk about it!)

I would love to fluid bond with A because of many reasons, I love him dearly, I only feel I don't need to fluid bond with him because I don't want to upset G. with the pregnancy I know we would find a way to be happy with it with time but it would be hard on all four of us including his gf and I only can see me wanting children with my G but I always thought I only wanted G as my only partner till we started poly

REQUEST: I need information. Where are you at with it? Where is your willingness? Are you willing to entertain the possibility or too early for you to entertain comfortably yet? I am willing to respect your wants, needs, limits but I want to know where you willingness is at -- at THIS point in time. I need feedback. Thank you.
We have discussed it this afternoon and he has said we would have to all have STI tests and if he does sleep with someone new we would use condoms till he gets tested again. which is fair and right for us, its the smart solution for us.

I salute you BOTH for trying to approach this calmly and reasonably. That's always a good thing. Way to go!
thanks galagirl, we have spoke about it before and we spoke about it today and I feel we have come to a good healthy agreement
in a relationship with A, open to women only.

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