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Default Thank You for having the courage

To not let the opinion of those who are more asleep than awake, make you believe or simply feel that it is not OK to Be who you are or even who you want to be. Complacency when you are doing nothing wrong can slowly chip away at a person, and even if you are strong and wise enough to not let flawed views of a society negatively affect you, there are people whom it does slowly destroy.

Simply by choosing to live life as you dare to dream and doing it honestly is the greatest way to accept the gift of life we were all given. It is one more voice that says to the world it is OK to be who you are. It's showing others who may have been fooled into believing something is wrong with them, that it's nothing more than intimidation. You are providing another person with a little more strength so that hopefully another will speak out against the subtle ways an ignorant society's behavior can harm the innocent.

So that one day everyone will at least have a place that is safe from the harm that ignorance in numbers can inflict on a person. Everyone deserves a place that is safe to be who are they are, and it's sad that even America does not fully embrace such a basic freedom.

But we are now one step closer,

You did a good thing and should be proud, and the world owes you thanks for doing it

Thank You


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