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Yes, that's the same person. Things have been better between us since I posted that, though not without their difficulties.

I don't hate you saying that; I really have been trying to keep a positive outlook, and much of the time it's worked...but home alone on a Friday night, my husband in a different time zone and my partner going out to a show I really wanted to see, and most of my friends's hard.

I do think that lowering my expectations is a good idea; in fact, I was thinking of that earlier this evening. My partner and I both seem to have a lot of issues having to do with relationships and abandonment, and it tangles things up and gets in the way of communication a lot, I think.

I think that I also am sometimes desperate for affection but hating to ask for it, which probably is difficult for anyone involved with me.

Thank you for your perspective; it's much appreciated.
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