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Default Scared and feeling very alone

I'm just having a hard time with everything right now. My husband is out of town for work, for several months, leaving me here with our child. My partner has said that he will be "taking more time to himself" beginning in December. I'm feeling very alone and left out of things; I can't go out much as I'm my child's sole caretaker right now, and babysitters are hard to come by. I have almost no time to myself. I'm not taking good care of myself lately and it's taking a toll.

My husband and I have been having issues for years; I love him and want to continue our relationship, but I'm also very frustrated by the way things have gone lately. We've had a lot of things happen lately, most of them not good (arguments, a break-in and robbery, family strife, loss of income, resultant financial woes, passive-aggressive landlords, etc.)

My partner and I have both been stressed to the breaking point for very different reasons; he said the other day that sometimes he just feels like leaving. He was very upset when I was crying the other day (my reaction to a lot of things, including anger/stress/fear/frustration.) We talked it out but I'm afraid that since I can't go out or see him as often, I will cease to be important to him and our relationship will suffer.

I am interested in one or two new people, but don't feel that I have any of the necessary resources to follow up with that just now. Which also makes me a bit sad.

Really, I am just at loose ends here: lonely, sad, and trying very hard to be a good parent as well as partner to my loves. My family has been awful lately, and that's one more thing to be stressed about. I am hosting a huge Thanksgiving next week and am worried about that as well. I don't even know what I'm asking for here; possibly just reassurance that things can be difficult, but things generally work out okay in the end? Sigh.
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