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I don't receive these stereotypical introductions you gals all complain about. Nearly every message I receive is personal and mentions something specific from my profile. The frequency is better measured on a "per month" scale than "per week." Thus, I reply to all of them. I've received one generic message in the past year, suggesting I come over that night, to which I just replied "lol" and never heard back. Took me about 2 seconds.

Maybe it's the fact that my main picture is me wearing a tinfoil hat. Or maybe it's that I'm not your stereotypical "cute chick." Whatever it is, my profile seems to have a jerk filter.

Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Considering how rare it is to get a response as a guy, I wouldn't be stunned if those are copypasta.
Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
I'm still not gonna bother responding to every halfway decent message. Rather than wasting my time on those, I'll save my time and energy for those who actually pique my interest.
How about just respond:

"generic response to generic greeting" and see if they catch on...
Gralson: my husband (works out of town).
Auto: my girlfriend (lives with her husband Zoffee).

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