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Originally Posted by Sinensis View Post
I wouldn't have thought finding someone to have sex with me would be so hard. :/ At any rate, it's annoying, and it's kind of grinding at my self-esteem.
Is that a joke or is that what you really want & the vibe you project - that you just want someone to have sex with? If so, that might be why you've not been so lucky. Maybe you keep meeting women who want actual relationships and not NSA sex.

However, gotta say this - eight months isn't terribly long. So, relax and don't pressure yourself to find someone just because your gf has someone else - it isn't a race. I think it's great to just date as much as possible without making the dates auditions for an ongoing thing. Date people you wouldn't even think are your type, and date just to enjoy someone's company, without any ulterior motive. In other words, let your goal be just to have fun on dates and meeting new people and that's it. If you do that, then you won't feel disappointed if it doesn't turn into having more dates with someone, and if it does lead to more it will be icing on the cake.
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