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Default Should I let them fluid-bond?

A bit of backstory (this is covered in more detail in my previous post 'My Poly Puzzle'):

Mrs has another partner, A, that she met through a swinging site. They have been seeing each other for about four months now. Feelings have developed between them and they are pretty much exclusive to each other (by which I mean neither are swinging with anyone else).

A while ago though I discovered they had had sex without condoms a few times. This was before they admitted their feelings to each other but things were obviously developing between them. Now this did create some hurt and anger for me as safe sex while swinging is important to me. I also did something similar previously with J, to my regret, which caused similar upset.

Since then though I have learned about fluid-bonding. The idea of it bringing partners closer due to the intimacy of it makes sense to me. Obviously me and Mrs are fluid-bonded, and thinking back it seemed to have positive effects on not just Mrs and A's relationship but also mine and J's, despite the problems caused between me and Mrs.

I'm fairly certain that Mrs would like to fluid-bond with A and stop using condoms. I'm sure if it were possible I would probably do so with J. Both have had negative STI tests and are exclusive so safety isn't a concern, but I still have reservations, perhaps because of what happened in the past.

Am I being hypocritical? Should I let them do it?
Bio in Brief: Me and Mrs open and swinging. Mrs also seeing A. Recent relationship breakdown with J and B.
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