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Unhappy Baby Advice. . .

I am a married mother of 3. My husband being my primary. I am his primary and sole partner. He has no plans on obtaining a second.

I am also engaged to a wonderful man. I am also his primary and he too has no plans to obtain a second partner. And until recently we were very content that being engaged was the farthest we can take out relationship since marriage and kids were either not possible or too complicated.

And then a very unexpected and recent miscarriage happened clear out of the blue. Which brought around an intense desire between my fiance and I to have a child together. In our situation it would be very complicated and my husband is not okay with the idea but also has very logical and valid points on why he is against. So I'm stuck and have no direction on this and am very sad about it.

So I was wondering. . . .

Is there anyone else out there who is in a poly relationship where you have a child with each of your partners?
Or is considering having a child with a partner other than your primary (especially if you are married with kids to your primary)?

If so what is your plan? How do you balance or plan to balance the children? How did your families react? How do each of your partners feel about it? Etc.

Thanks =)
Bi & Poly. . .is there anything better? Lol
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