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Yeah totally. And it's not like my friends totally agree with our choices. They heard me out and let me explain it, but one of my friends is like "You know I couldn't focus on more then one relationship. I feel like I'd have no time to myself." But she doesn't badger me about it, she doesn't try and tell me its morally wrong.

And yeah coworkers would be irritating, my husband and I work at the same place as it is. Our coworkers don't know ALOT about us. Even down to some of our true personality. Its hard to want to express yourself to people who act very ignorant all the time. ((We work in housekeeping at a major hotel chain, just in case anyone here is familiar with the possible staff we might deal with))

I do vent on my tumblr, and a few of my IRL friends see it. I didn't come out to them but I will blog random little snippets about my poly experiences, or lack there of.
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