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Yes, he's going through a lot right now and I have decided to have compassion and do my best to let it all go and just love him. I'm taking a back seat in his life and will show him love without questions if I possibly can. He has to come to what works on his own. He has asked for that and I will give it as best I can. When the cards fall I will decide if what he has eventually chosen works for me. In the mean time this is our storm sandy. The wreckage is yet to be determined. All I have is my own actions, words and my own integrity to think about. I intend to walk away from this time of my life, with or without him in it, knowing in my heart that I did all I could do to love and support him the best I could.

He wants privacy on this issue and asked me for that. I am regretting writing here now as he isn't getting that by my doing so. I won't be writing again on this topic without his consent. I thought I had it when he said I could find people to talk to but as this is public its a bit too much I think. Thanks for your concerns everyone. I'm off to find a therapist for this one though I think.
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