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Originally Posted by StarGazer View Post
I've seen stories from a lot of people who tried to be monogamous only to realize it didnt' work for them, I hadn't really seen anyone who was poly and happily monogamous- I guess they wouldn't seek out forums or I'm looking in the wrong places. Thanks for the clarification, and thank you for your kind words.
There's anecdotes on either side of the coin...for every story of a poly not being suited to mono, there's a similar story of a mono's not being suited to poly (or the more frequent cheating version that society is somehow more comfortable condoning).

As for poly's being happily mono...I can't exactly claim to be one since my own journey into poly has been tentative and theoretical at best. I appreciate the options, and the openness...a lot of it appeals to me. That said I've been living very happily in a mono lifestyle for over a decade...and I see no reason why I couldn't remain that way if I chose, either for my own sake, or that of my partner. I don't think I have enough ego/identity/whatever invested in poly to make it hard to let go of if I needed to. Such things are invested in my partner, and our relationship!

There are others I've known to be interested in poly, but choose to remain mono for their partner, and are very happy. The membership here is still growing, but I've seen them on other poly groups/lists. With all things though...time will tell.
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