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Default Just some frustration

Sigh. A quick little grumble on my part. Not about my relationship with my girlfriend--that's still going fine. About my attempts to find an outside partner.

I'd finally found someone I experienced a mutual attraction with when I went to a festival in October, in a town about three/four hours away (where I used to live). Nothing happened then, but we'd talked about getting together again, and now I've been making plans to visit that town, both to see people I haven't seen in ages and go dancing and hiking and to meet up with this girl.

The girl, in turn, has a not-quite-relationship with a traveling musician. They're free to do whatever they like when they're not together, but when they happen to be in the same place they're exclusive. Turns out this girl will be in town then, too.

I've been looking for an outside partner for eight months. I've lost track of how many dates I've been on. The people I've encountered here, aside from my girlfriend, I just haven't felt attracted to--and now of course there's this. I don't know what's going on. Is it this town? Is it me? I wouldn't have thought finding someone to have sex with me would be so hard. :/ At any rate, it's annoying, and it's kind of grinding at my self-esteem.
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