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The other thing I realised is actually more about me. I like getting to know new people, flirting and the excitement of wondering whether they like me and whether this is going somewhere or not. I'm sure I'm not the only one but yeah, I like that unfamiliar territory where you don't know anything yet but there is potential for something. These kinds of situations happen all the time and 90 % of them don't go anywhere beyond flirting. But they're fun and I enjoy them. And this is also why I enjoy being in an open relationship. It's not so much about the actual sex with other people than the freedom. I absolutely love the feeling that anything could turn into something (sex, a relationship or something else) if both of us wanted it.
this! yes! It's what I always try to tell friends when I try to explain about what's so great about being in an open relationship. It's about the possibillities, the opportunities, the freedom. It doesn't even matter that most of these connections don't go beyond the flirting stage.
Thanks for articulating it.
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