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Default Boundaries and Bubbles

I'm not sure if this is something that comes up a lot, but I live with my two significant others (J and C) and while I really do love them both to death, is it really wrong of me to need personal space as well?
I actually moved into their apartment, into the room next to 'theirs' which had been recently vacated. Originally, I had planned to get a new twin or full mattress as mine was not good anymore, but J convinced me to get a king so we would all have room to sleep together. This was primarily based on my cuddle-slutting ways, because I like it so much.
While that seemed like a great idea back in August, I'm having serious second thoughts.
Since my bed is now The Bed, my room has also become, by de facto, The Room. This also wouldn't be such an issue if J and C weren't so messy. As a writer, my room is my work space, and I need my work space to be clean, something I've talked to them about before. And they also always make a pretty big deal whenever I ask them to leave me alone so that I can do some work.
So I'd really just like to know, am I the only one having physical boundary issues with my SOs? If you have, how did you get the point across?
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