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We have a great holiday planned this year, it's true, but it doesn't involve my family. They chose to do their own thing. They invited us to their plans but when we told them that the timing wouldn't work to get there, they live in another city, there was no room to change their plans to accommodate. I went to visit them early instead for solstice. It wasn't all bad, we made do. I think they wish that things are as they were last year, but there has been too much going on this fall to make me feel like I want to be around them for more than a few hours right now and certainly not with Mono or my son (you'll have to read up on why in another thread,,, Redpepper needing help I think it's called) Instead we will have a great time here I'm looking forward to it.

Suffice to say that just because you are out, doesn't mean that that vision of wonderfulness will always come to be. As there are others involved who have their own vision, sometimes it's important to make do with being okay with people simply being comfortable. This quite often means that ones own agenda doesn't pan out quite as planned... if you see what I mean. Still, I feel that everyone will be comfortable this year and that is all I ask at this point...
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