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hey pinkhop, well at the moment I am not going to touch the negotiation part, because he seems to be still digesting all of it, and is still really painful. I can wait for this part until he has recovered from the bad emotions caused by the news. But thank you for the suggestion on times.

You are right about the finding a special moment, days after the first hook up we had some nice time together me and my boyfriend when I invited him to see one of his favourite bands that was playing not so late at night, and now I invited him again to something nice on the weekend.

Hopefully the illness is not going to be chronic, but we don't know when it is gonna end yet.

So I am at the very point of digesting and reconecting for what I can see through your answers, and it's nice for me to know that and to have more ideas on how to act on this phase.

and to djandbri, thanks but I kindly discard your proposal, it only would cause more drama and I don't see it necessary at least from my part, but thanks for the good intentions.

Thank you all
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