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Default Jealousy

I experienced some jealousy. Not the totally negative type and nothing in regard to a romantic relationship but because some connection between Sward and Lin *scratches head* Well, what happened.

Sward and Lin started to share a hobby as of late and they are really into it. Theorising a lot and spending hours with small details, being real nerds about all of it. Nothing I can really relate to except that I had a look into it to understand what they are talking about there. Normally Lin's and Sward's attention is more or less focused on me when I come home, telling about my day and what happened in university or with friends they both know. Sward tells us about his day as well during that time and later we have dinner. (Aren't I in for routine? )

Yesterday, I came home a bit earlier and Sward arrived some minutes after me. I started talking about a friend who was a bit down because of his relationship status (single, four years right now) and Lin was responding because he knows this friend quite well. Suddenly Sward commented on something hobby-related and Lin's attention made a U-turn and I was left alone in the middle of the conversation. After some minutes he remembered that he had been talking to me originally and asked about our friend as if the interruption hadn't taken place at all. I didn't respond, Sward noticed that I wasn't too pleased with what had happened right away.

Well later on, Lin and I were talking about something else and again, Sward made a comment hobby-related and again, Lin was instantly engrossed in the topic. That's when I have had enough and told them, that I would love the person not participating in the conversation (Sward mostly, he likes to listen to our chat) to try to wait until it has ended or if he wanted to add something, then do it topic related in some kind of way. Beside the rudeness I sensed there, I noticed that it was strange to share Lin's attention in such a way. I got a bit possessive and sulky in similar situations before when they were totally immersed in their own world.

All ended with an apology from Sward for interrupting our chat constantly and from Lin for flipping back and forth and I just gave up on telling anything else and let them have their hobby-time. *sigh* How complicated the little matters can be
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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