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Default It would be easier if we were out of the polycloset

So while my husband and I are taking our polyamory slow, well we are for him lol, I can't help but think thinks might be easier if we were just open about it. Not necessarily faster, that doesn't bother me, but it'd be nice if we could both just be like WHAT UP!!! WE ROLL LIKE THIS! Our closest friends and some of our family know and they are like "DGAF".

My husband also has no swag and he is attracted to witches. XD About 2 weeks ago there was a girl he met he said he was interested in. He had multiple opportunities to talk to her, but didn't even try. It was cute in a weird sort of you're sad way. Find out she's pagan, I'm pagan.. his ex gf was pagan, and his previous serious gf was wiccan. XD
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