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So bizarre.
So, yesterday I got a third request to add "her" to the private poly fb group I started.
I had already ignored the previous two.
This time I asked Maca for her number and sent her a text. I let her know it was my group and that I had received the requests, but was under the impression she didn't want to to have anything to do with me or my life-thus why I hadn't approved it.

She replied with a wordy response basically saying she wanted to be able to socialize with her poly friends on fb.

I replied and let her know that if she wanted to meet for coffee to discuss the conflict and contention between us, we could then discuss her joining the group. If she preferred not to meet, I thought it best that we avoid intermixing our socializing insomuch as possible in such a small town. Adding that I would respect her choice either way.

Haven't heard a word since. I suspect that there will be fallout-but I'm confident that my response was reasonable and respectful while still maintaining my personal boundaries.

Two weeks ago my sister and I attended a local meet-up poly meeting & enjoyed meeting some new people. One of the people we met will be coming over this weekend with her kids to have lunch and make s'mores over the campfire in our yard. There's no romantic interest, just looking forward to enjoyable friendly conversation and socializing without the myriad explanations about our lifestyle.

Last weekend, on Saturday Maca, GG and I attended a meet up I organized at a local coffee shop. There were 4 other people who showed up as well. We enjoyed a nice two hour conversation about all sorts of things from being out, to our kids education to hunting and fishing. It was very relaxing and fun. One of the ladies is interested in being a walking partner with me. So we are working on figuring out schedules so we can start walking together. VERY COOL.

Sunday my sister, GG, Maca and myself attended another meet up in town-and it was PACKED! We met some people, but the awkward part was the interest in us personally. There were so many questions aimed directly at us regarding our specific family dynamics and lifestyle. It wasn't bad-but it was bizarre.

Next weekend we have another coffee meet-up out here that we've organized.
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