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Thank you so much for the warm welcome Kevin and JaneQ ^^

I've certainly been browsing the site and even typed up a bit of a blog. It said it had to be approved tho, I think that might be because I hadn't gotten the link to fully qualify my account. Not sure yet, but guess I'll see. Saved it just in case XD

As for your questions JaneQ;

My husband seems to be reacting well to my new girlfriend, since I had told him about my feelings for her when I discussed being poly with him before actually pursuing her. They don't know each other well, as my girlfriend is long distance, but they've spoken some online so far and seem to get along well. He even said she seems cute with her personality and was rather amused. Neither of them have any experience with polyamory before now, but they're both open people. I don't think my husband would be interested in being poly himself, though he could surprise me. He's just never been one much into dating.

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