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Default Interesting question

Hi RP,

Well - that is indeed an interesting question and for myself will have to do some real thinking to clarify my own thoughts. I don't know that I've ever seen that question posed in quite that manner.
Because of my own background in Eastern thought, the term "need" may have slightly different connotations than to some others. To me, "need" has pretty much been dangerous, potentially negative thing. We have basic needs of food, shelter, safety etc for survival. Beyond that, identifying any large number of "wants" as "needs" puts us on the edge of a slippery slope where it's easy to lose the distinction between what are truly physical needs. It's the beginnings of being "needy", of forming what are commonly termed "attachments", which can have profound negative consequences on our well being.
Your question seems to lead to a question of "is there such a thing as a 'healthy' need" (beyond the basic survival needs). It's interesting to toss some form of love or companionship into that mix because we view those terms as generally "positive". But by accepting anything as a "need" we are granting it the power of dependency. And dependency is a dangerous position to be in.
But are they ? Truly ? They are definitely "wants".
So, it's an interesting thought !

Happy holidays to everyone !

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