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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
well, as of yesterday, I'm out to my parents as well.
I can't really tell if it went well or not... which means I'm not really sure what their reaction will be, in the long run. But I know I'm immensely relieved that this secret has gone from my life.
More here.
Glad to hear it, Cleo. Keep us updated on how they process it.

I have family members whom I don't really want to be "out" to, but eventually it will get to a point where I'm lying, which I don't want either. My conversations with these relatives (my grandmother and my aunt) are purely superficial (where have you been, etc), but I speak to them several times a week. And they both feel that they're close to me; but they can't grasp how judgmental they are about every little thing.

I think it's easier to be "out" as poly when you have several relationships that are stable/working well/happy. Then you have "proof" that your choices are healthy & happy & working for you.

But, I've found it was really hard to be struggling with poly issues and not feel that I was able to be "out" to anyone.
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