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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Her guilt is not something you can do anything about. That is something for HER to work on HERSELF, much like you have to work on your issues with jealousy.

I've been in her shoes. I understand the guilt. But it isn't for you to fix. Nor, really, would you seeing other people help, because THEN she'd likely feel guilty for pushing something on you that you didn't want to do AND you'd probably be resentful as well as unhappy. The question you need to answer for yourself is: Can I be happy in a relationship with her while she is in a relationship with others? The question she needs to answer for herself is: Can I be happy in a relationship with someone who is only in a relationship with me? If the answers are both yes, then you can move forward and work on figuring out how said relationship will work. But if either answer is no, then trying to force a match in either direction will just result in everyone being miserable.
Very well put, ThatGirlInGray.


She feels guilt, and you have a fear of losing her. These are the two "parts" of your relationship. A very fragile combination. What is your fear of loss about?
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