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Originally Posted by Silhouette View Post
Welcome to the site. Yes there is some great information on this site. I have found it very helpful. How long ago did you split with your third, and how did you handle it? <- sorry if that is too personal don't feel obligated to answer.
Thank you and i dont even feel like i have scratched the service of all the great "reads" on here yet .
We split May 11th, was her get in and drive away day . It is so hard to explain all that i went through . First it seemed liek my best friend moving away after high school but we will still talk and maybe get together, then i shortlyi/WE realized i missed her as LOVER and just the physical and sexual touching and carnal satisfaction we had that perhaps i took for granted looking back now . Now the emotional/talking/confidant and mental connection and not having daily/hourly access to such a significant OTHER and the emotional balance she gave me to offset my Husband has really become obvious to me ,painfully obvious.
It has taken time to realize and understand it wasnt just a friend moving to another state , and a phone call is just not close to the same or enough to fill the void left when a LOVED one is out of reach.
I realize now how much i took for granted and just "assumed" we would always be together and happy and be able to just curl up and talk and wee........... Life got in the way. So many dynamics to work through now it seems to be a daily struggle to accept and just put to rest .
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