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Default Custody Battle- Starting to get scared

I have always been poly but was in a mono marriage for 18 years. When I finally approached my husband about opening our marriage, at first, he was accepting and excited. In reality he couldn't handle me loving someone else and we separated (if it had merely been sex he says he would have been okay). He states I cheated on him. We have two daughters 15 and 13.

I am now seeing Darling who is married to Micky and also dating Chatty. We are pretty open about our relationships. My daughters know about Micky and Chatty, stating that "it's weird but not bad". They have accepted everyone as part of our family.

Darling wants to be their step-dad. He loves them and they love him. He is emotionally and financially supporting my children. Due to some violence in our home, they only see their dad for an hour a week, supervised. He contributes nothing financially.

We are now in a custody battle with Dad. He has stated that our lifestyle is abnormal and that I am "rediscovering" my sexuality (because I'm bisexual). I know he will bring up being poly in the custody evaluation. We live in a fairly conservative area.

Darling is more than willing to be interviewed during the evaluation and confirm that he loves me and the kids. That he will take care of us. His wife is willing to do so also. I would like to keep Chatty out of the process because she has serious mental instabilites. I am really afraid she would make things worse.

For some reason, people we have opened up to have been okay with Darling having a wife but another GF doesn't seem to go over well. We certainly don't want to hide anything but I am very concerned about losing custody of my kids. Would it be advisable to downplay Chatty's involvement. It just feels wrong.

Anyone go through this?
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