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I got a super creepy message yesterday. Someone from 1600 km away and just 37% match. He mentioned severed limbs and stealing from his girlfriend in the first paragraph. But he showed that he had read my profile, looked for common interests, and wrote a message based on that.
So he got a response, which was about not being interested, but I appreciate the effort he made into writing a real message and "rewarded" it with a polite answer.

If he would have just written a "hi how r u" message, effort is zero and deserves zero effort in return. Even just a "thanks but no thanks" is more effort than what copy-pastying message writers expend. So why should I make more of an effort than they did in the first place?

Hint for first contacts: don't mention severed limbs and blood in the first message unless the person you are messaging expressed interest for these topics in their profile. It's creepy.
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